Trend Alert: Top Hairstyles of the Season

Trend Alert: Top Hairstyles of the Season

schedule 18 Jul, 2024

Certainly! Who doesn’t want a good hair day? Or maybe a good hairstyle that suits your persona and style - Yet, achieving such hair goals demands dedication and hair treatments. Nowadays, hairstylists use numerous hair treatments and hair colours to give fabulous looks to their clients. In this blog, we will share a variety of hairstyles; some are easy, but few require salon treatments for which we are always at your service.

Here are a few suggestions that are trending this season and will make you look one-of-a-kind


Front Braided Bun

The easiest and sleekest hair braiding hairstyle that is easy to make and consumes very little time. You can pair up this hairstyle with sarees and other Indian outfits.

Straight Hair

Straight hair never goes out of trend and is an evergreen style that adds elegance and beauty to the overall look. To achieve the same, hair relaxing can be done and at Cher Hair and Beauty Lounge. We provide our customers with hair relaxing services that help them achieve the desired look.

Wavy Crop

A wavy hairstyle is one that looks cute and is also effortless. To maintain your waves, visit us at Cher Hair and Beauty Lounge and let us show you how good your hair can get.

Medium Hair Wispy Bangs

If you don’t want to alter your lengths and still wish to do something different than your usual look, then this one's for you. To enhance this overall look you can use color highlights or coloured hair extensions.

Soft curls

Every woman with straight hair wants to experience having curls. Treat your hair and have the softest curls ever with help from us. If you have shorter hair, the getting hair extensions at Cher Hair and Beauty Lounge can help you experience the curls.

Long Layers and Highlights

If you have a square face, getting layers can help you enhance your features. At Cher Hair and Beauty Lounge, we provide hair cutting and hair colour services with utmost care and precision. If you are someone who isn’t interested in hair colouring then coloured extensions can be used.

Pixie Cut

Pixie suits best to diamond-shaped faces and are easy to maintain. If you are someone on the bold side then this might be the right pick for you.

Fish Braided Hairstyle

If you’re into contemporary style these hair braiding might be the perfect pick for you. It not only incorporates traditional elegance but also gives modern-day relevance to your look.

Side Swept Bangs

For times when you don’t want to make a big change in your appearance but still want to look different, so for some side bangs. This hairstyle is extremely hassle free.

Curtain Bangs

One of those evergreen hairstyles that are easy to maintain and demands less effort than others. This look will also help you provide a soft girl aesthetic to your overall look.


These are a few suggestions that are easy, trendy and hassle-free and the best part is that most of them can be done temporarily. At Cher Hair and Beauty Lounge, we provide hair colour services and hair extensions altered as per your needs. You can Visit us at our hair salon in Surat or hair salon in Sindhu Bhavan to elevate your hair game!